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The following articles are some of my favourites that I have read and learnt a lot from. I have chosen one article for each of the various aspects or goals in relation to health, fitness and performance from some of the world’s leading experts in those fields. Some of these articles are quite lengthy but are worth reading if you want the best results from your training.

Weight Loss

The Ridiculously Simple Guide to Sustainable Fat Loss’ – Danny Lennon

If you are interested in fat loss then this article is definitely worth a read. The article title says it all really. It breaks down the different components of successful fat loss and also how to keep the fat off.

Muscle Gain

The “Hypertrophy Range” – Fact or Fiction?’ – Greg Nuckols

This article challenges the general consensus on what the best rep range is for muscle growth and breaks down what science has to say on the matter. It’s is  very interesting read if you are into your exercise science.

Strength Training

Snowflake Training’ – Chad Wesley Smith

Chad Wesley Smith is the 9th ranked raw powerlifter of all time as well as a successful coach so there are very few people more qualified to talk about strength training. In this article he talks about the considerations that need to be made when creating a training plan.


The Laws of Optimizing Body Composition’ – Dr Mike Israetel

This article is similar to Danny Lennon’s article on fat loss in that it breaks things down to a fairly basic level. Dr Israetel outlines the main priorities when making any change to your diet.

Movement and Mobility

What is Tightness and Why Stretching Isn’t the Answer – Dr Quinn Henoch

This is different to the other articles as it is split into 2 videos, both of which are well worth watching. Dr Henoch challenges conventional wisdom on what is actually happening when you perceive a muscle to be tight and explains why stretching might not be optimal in combatting this.


Everything You Need to Know About Recovering’ – Dr. Mike Israetel

Dr Israetel does another great job of simplifying some pretty complex science but this time regarding recovery. In this article he explains the most important factors in how to optimally recover from workouts and discusses common recovery tools that may not be worth your time.

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