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It seems everyone has their own way of dieting and getting into shape. Like I’ve said in previous posts, I am a big believer in that everyone is an individual; I don’t want to be the ‘gym grinch’ and hate on anybody’s methods, especially if they’re seeing results.

However, speaking on behalf of myself and a number of clients I work with, I find counting calories extremely tedious and to be quite honest, it can become exhausting. You don’t want to be that person frantically doing a mathematical equation in your head as your friend offers you a snack or drink, questioning whether having a slice of cake is justified if you fast for the rest of the day. I’m afraid it just doesn’t work like that, and even if you find yourself losing weight, a balanced diet is always the best diet!

And yes, I’m sorry but that means regular exercise. I believe that this is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle, and goes towards enhancing many other aspects such as boosting your immune system, better skin, better moods etc. (that last one is very important, trust me).

I think one key thing to remember is that food is fuel. Think of your body like a car and food like petrol. Without petrol, your car cannot run and it’s the same case with your body. A mixture of good (complex) carbohydrates, proteins, fibres and GOOD fats (yes there are good ones) are pivotal in supporting your workouts. Find something which is easily maintainable and can be controlled comfortably around your timetable. Get in the routine of planning your meals for the next day, or even better – prepare them in advance. Once you get into the groove, it will all come naturally and you’ll actually find that you don’t need to be constantly hungry to lose weight.

One thing I also hear on a daily basis is: ‘I’m on a crash diet’ or ‘I’m juicing this week’. I understand that this may well be somebody’s preferred weight-loss method, but in my opinion – it stinks! Nothing is more proven than regular exercise and a balanced diet to fuel your body.

So next time you go to the supermarket and begin to analyse the small text on the back of a sandwich, try to think more about what you’re eating as opposed to what calories you’re eating. You’ll thank yourself later.

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