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A theme I will be revisiting in my blogs is why certain aspects of being a personal trainer are so important. I have been a PT now for 3 years, and one of the perks of my job is that every day can be different. However, in order to stay consistent and approachable, I tend to follow my own rules to ensure my clients are receiving the service they deserve. This, first and foremost is built on trust and respect.


It is your job as a personal trainer to clearly identify ways in which you can work with your client to help reach their goals. I use the term ‘work with them’, as I believe that your relationship should be a two way street. It’s increasingly difficult for both parties, if all you do is ‘turn up’. I’m in the fortunate position where all my clients give 100%, but if you encounter anyone who doesn’t, it is your job to guide them towards realising that it takes two to tango, or in this case: ‘two to achieve your fitness goals!’


In relation to this, a good personal trainer is always empathetic towards a client’s circumstances and will always go out of their way to make positive strides. If your client, for any reason, is unable to carry out a certain exercise or an injury is preventing them from running that extra 1K, do not be unrealistic with how hard you push them. Motivation is good, but remember; it is also your job to care about your client – if they have a bad knee, it probably isn’t the best idea to force their way through a 120kg leg press!


Your relationship also shouldn’t end when the session ends. Part of my service means I offer 24/7 support, which I believe is integral in assisting your client with meeting their objectives. Having that one-to-one conversation can really help in not only motivating your client to stay healthy, but also ensures you have something to reflect on in your next session.

Furthermore, I also build home workouts for my clients so that they can continue to make progress away from the gym. Sometimes, proving that you can achieve a perfectly adequate workout from the comfort of your own living room, can give them the inspiration to continue their progress away from the hustle and bustle of the gym (something I will be writing about soon).


Above all else, the rules mentioned all go towards building an excellent rapport between you and your client. You can have all the knowledge in the world, know every single muscle fibre in the human body, but if you’re not approachable and if you’re not seen to care about your clients’ needs, then this is all blown out the window.

It is important to be positive and if required, constructively negative but perhaps the most important thing to remember is: every client is an individual – make them feel like one!

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