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medicine ball can be an extremely useful bit of kit when it comes to full body workouts, and I’ve found that actually most gyms have them hanging around!

The great thing is you can get medicine balls in all different weights, giving us a whole range of options when it comes to picking exercises. I love using the med ball with my clients, espcially when it comes to activating the core. Workouts such as Russian Twists, Med Ball Reachers & Med Ball Slams are ideal in engaging those abs through adding that extra bit of weight.


As I’ve also mentioned before, the body needs to be shocked to avoid doing the same thing over and over again. The medicine ball can be useful tool to do this. For example instead of cable wood-chop, change it into medicine ball wood-chops! Lovely. Also, try adding a med ball to your squat, lunge or crunches  – the possibilities are endless.

Now this is where you come in. I want you guys to give this next exercise a try, it’s called a Medicine Ball Mountain Climber (main picture above)…

  • Go and get two medicine balls
  • Place each hand on one so they are about shoulder width apart.
  • Go onto the feet so we are in a straight arm plank position.
  • Then bring each knee towards the stomach simultaneously, try this at a nice slow speed to ensure we maximise engagement in the core area!

This is of course one example of an effective medicine ball exercise – there are SO many more. If you’re not enjoying this one, leave a comment and I can suggest something else for you. I want you guys to let me know how you find it! A med ball workout is truly the best medicine! Good luck!

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