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I thought I’d make this week’s blog a bit more personal. In a previous blog I gave a review of my performance at the Essex Powerlifting Championships in which I qualified for the British Junior Powerlifting Championships. Now that I am officially entered into this competition I thought I would do a preview and discuss my training plan and diet plan leading up to the competition. The plan is to do a quick update every week on how my week of training went and how my weight is looking.

First of all I’m going to discuss how my training is going to look leading up to the competition as for me this is a lot more exciting than what I’m planning on eating! I’ll just give some background information on how my training has looked since my last completion. I’ve had 15 weeks of training so far which has been split up into 3, 5 weeks blocks of training which consist of 4 weeks of hard training followed by a lighter week. The first two training cycles were hypertrophy blocks. The goal of these training blocks are to try to gain muscle, increase general fitness and improve any weaknesses. Most of the sets were done in the 6-12 rep range with weights in the range of 60-75% of my 1RM and I used a lot of exercise variation. My next block of training was a general strength block. The aim here is to take those bigger muscles that were built in the hypertrophy blocks and make them stronger. The rep range here was 4-6, the weights were at 75-85% and I still used a wide range of exercises.

This brings me to where I am now. I’ve got 9 more weeks of training before my competition which I will break up into a 5 week specific strength block and a 4 week peaking block. The idea of the next training block is to keep working on strength but now with less exercise variation and concentrating more on the competition movements. The final 4 weeks of my training will be the heaviest and most specific. Nearly all my training will be with weight over 85% of my 1RM and will be done with competition style squat, bench press and deadlift. The idea of this training cycle is to take those bigger, stronger muscles and get them more to express that strength through lifting maximal weights.

Now that I’ve explained my training I will talk about my diet and how it fits in with my training. At the moment I am weighing around 89kg on average but for my competition I must weigh 83kg. This means I must lose 6kg or 13lbs in 9 weeks. The plan is to do this is 2 stages. The first is a fat loss stage where I will try to lose as much fat as I can whilst maintaining muscle mass and strength. The second is an acute weight loss phase where I try to lose as weight through water loss rather than trying to lose any body tissue. I should say that I don’t recommend this style of weight loss to anyone and if you are going to do a weight cut then please see a qualified dietician; I am just talking about how I am going to do it.

Going back to the first phase of my diet, the plan is to lose around 0.6kg per week for the first 5 weeks which would bring me down to 86kg at 4 weeks out. I then plan to slow down my fat loss as I go into my peaking phase and lose 1kg over the first 3 weeks which will leave me at 85kg 1 week out meaning I need to lose 2kg in 1 week. This will bring me onto my second phase which will be my water cut. I won’t go into detail on how I plan to do this as I don’t want people to try to copy this method without understanding it as it could be dangerous. To give you a rough idea though, I will be manipulating my water, sodium and fibre intake in order to lose the final 2kg. For water and sodium I will be increasing my intakes in the days leading up to the competition before completely cutting it out the day before or in the case of water, 15 hours out. For fibre I will just be reducing my intake for the final 3 days before my competition. Hopefully by doing this I will end up at my competition weight of 83kg. After this I can start to drink lots of water, take in a lot of sodium and other electrolytes and carbohydrates so that I can still compete at a high level.

Speak to you guys again soon.


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