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As some of you may know, this weekend I competed in the Anglian Open Powerlifting Championships. I wanted to give a brief breakdown of what was an eventful competition for me and one that was a good learning experience.

If you read my last blog post then you will be aware that I attempted to cut 10 pounds for this meet. This was the biggest cut I had tried to do but was something that I thought I could do. I was right, I could physically cut 10 pounds of water and gut contents in a week but this weight loss made me feel psychologically drained. I put a lot of stress on myself leaving it to the last minute and to be honest, when I woke up, I really didn’t feel like competing. It wasn’t until after squats that I felt up to the task at hand. This leads me onto the lifting itself.


Squats started quite well really. My warm-ups felt fast and I felt confident going into my first attempt. I opened at a conservative 190kg which moved smoothly enough. I decided to jump up to 202.5kg for my second which I expected to also move quickly. I unracked the bar and stood waiting for the head judge to give me the command to initiate the squat but after a few seconds I was told to re-rack the bar. I was told that I was not upright enough and so I set myself up again and made an attempt to stand more upright. I was given the squat command but missed the lift right at the bottom. The whole situation through me off completely and I knew I had to get things right on my third and final attempt. This time I unracked the bar and made a strong attempt to maintain a more upright position but again was not given a squat command. I re-racked the bar and this time put the bar higher up my back which would allow me to stay a bit more upright. I managed to make the lift but it was obviously a lot more difficult because of the last minute change in technique. Going forward I have decided that I am going to squat in shoes with an elevated heel and widen my stance slightly to help combat this issue of leaning forward too much.

Bench press

Bench press warm ups also felt very good. I opened with 120kg and that moved very well. I then went to 130kg which moved fast off my chest but was a bit slow at lockout. I thought to myself that 132.5kg would be the smart call but for some reason I decided I’d go for 135kg to help make up for my poor squat. This was a bad decision and if anyone ever thinks of doing the same then I would certainly recommend not doing it. 135kg moved well off my chest but got stuck around halfway up and wouldn’t move any further. Going forward, I’m going to implement more heavy singles in my training and I’m going to be a lot more strict with my pauses.


Deadlift has always been my favourite lift and this training cycle it had been going really well. I was feeling confident going into my opener with how my warm ups were moving. I started with 220kg and it moved very easily. I jumped to 235kg and again that moved very well. After looking at everyone else’s attempts, I knew that I was going to win and so decided to go for something big on my final attempt. I went for 250kg but I got it to just above my knees and couldn’t lock it out. If I was being smarter then I would’ve gone for 245kg but it’s something I can learn from. My training for deadlift probably won’t change as I’m progressing very well with it at the moment but I am going to be switching to hook grip rather than mixed grip because I feel like I have more potential with that grip.

I also wanted to give a big shoutout to Callum Longhurst. He competed in his first comp this weekend too and managed to make all 9 of his lifts and total 500kg with a 175kg squat, a 105kg bench press and a 220kg deadlift.

Speak to you guys again soon.


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