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A lot of my younger clients are always saying how they struggle to afford a good diet whilst balancing student-life at University. Yes, I do admit – a conventional healthy diet does often mean lots of exotic portions, meaning lots of shopping trips which can result in an empty wallet, especially when on a budget.

But there are certain ways to cut corners! Eating clean and maintaining a balanced diet doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Some of the healthiest foods on the market are in fact the cheapest. For example, picking up a sweet potato costs around 50p and this is ideal for filling you up and equals a nutritious meal too. Bake it, wedge it or even mash it, and you’re sorted. Even have a tin of tuna as a side if you really want to push the boat out!

Another simple and healthy meal is chicken breast with broccoli and bulgar wheat. This equates to around £4, and is the perfect alternative to a microwave meal or a trip to the local kebab shop. University is there to prepare you for working life, use it as an opportunity to prepare for a healthy life too!

I know alcohol is inevitable really in most students’ life, and the purpose of this post is not to be a buzzkill, trust me. However, if you’re serious about staying fit and healthy, you may need to limit your nights out or get on the soft drinks instead of getting ‘MC Hammered’ EVERY week! Try and be inventive with how you tell your mates though; “Sorry pal, I’m spending the night with bulgar wheat instead” might not cut it!

So you’ve worked out your meals for each day and ensured they stick to your budget. Now find ways in which you can coincide exercise with all of that. You can get relatively cheap gym memberships now or even better, your campus might have it’s own gym you can sneak to between lectures. Failing that, there are always facilities to train. You can smash a HIIT workout in the smallest of spaces; your uni bedroom or even a local park would more than suffice.

There is no substitute for hard-work in any form of life. Whether it be university work of healthy living, it is important to do it right. Don’t use your lack of money as a reason to go without food or seek unhealthy fast-food. Be pro-active, look up cheap recipes, plan out your meals and do your best to follow it. It may even make sitting through lectures easier too!


  • Eggs (£1.25)
  • Bulgar wheat (£1.15)
  • Quinoa (£2.00)
  • Sweet Potatoes (£1.20)
  • Fruits (£2.00)
  • 1/2 Chicken (= 4 meals) (£3.00)
  • Avocado (£1.00)
  • Kale (£1.00)
  • Porridge (£2.00)
  • Skimmed milk (£1.00)

    TOTAL: £15.60

Are you finding it hard to balance student life with leading a healthy lifestyle? Leave a comment and I’ll provide you with some more tips!

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