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I thought I would give an insight into my life as a PT, how it’s changed since it’s started and what I look to achieve in the future.

After founding JC Personal Training in September 2014, it was been quite a ride with lots of obstacles to over-come (not just in my Boot Camp!). It’s hard-work but I absolutely love what I do. It’s quite simply the best feeling ever waking up at 5am and getting ready to jump into the gym and not see it as ‘work’. Fitness and nutrition has always been a passion of mine and I am so lucky to have amazing clients who make my job a joy to do. I get a big ol’ kick from helping people achieve their goals, enabling them to change their lifestyle and lives for the better!

I would say the last 6 months has been pivotal in JC’s progression and everything has become a bit of a whirlwind. We have been able to take on extra staff from a head of marketing as well as a design specialist to push things further than before, and to also keep a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing image to enhance our brand.

We already have numerous campaigns, classes and goals planned for the rest of this year but my main objective before the year is up is to form a fresh team of personal trainers. I have always wanted the opportunity to help aspiring PTs, although pretty young myself I have been in the industry since I was 16 years old! So I am actively seeking and welcoming applications as we speak. We are looking for trainers to come in and affiliate themselves with JC Personal Training offering them our expertise and experience to help boost not only their client base, but there ultimate potential as a PT.

We have far bigger aspirations as a company and with a lot of hard work, desire and dedication to what we love, I’m sure we can get there! One thing is for sure, I and my team will never stop working to achieve what we want to achieve. Keep smashing it everyone, work hard and stay true to yourself and what you love!

If you are interested in joining JC Personal Training, please drop me an email by clicking here


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